Angela, Layton Spa

Hello, I'm Angela! I've been practicing massage for over 12 years. I specialize in many different types of massage including Relaxing Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, and my favorite is Sports and injury massage. I love being a massage therapist because it gives me the chance to help so many people and see the difference it can have in people's lives. I grew up playing sports so I understand both sides--as both an athlete--and as a therapist. I can help relieve muscle pain, improve performance, and injuries to heal and regain functionality. This is my passion--this is why I got into massage therapy.

Taylor, Layton Spa

Hi, my name is Taylor! I love massage therapy because I am able to help and heal people. I also love that I can aid people to relax and feel comfortable in their bodies. I have experience in different modalities such as Swedish massage, deep tissue, acutherapy, segmental, shiatsu, polarity, and others. I'm very outgoing, bubbly, and easy to get along with. I have great communication skills and thrive on delivering exactly what my clients want and getting feedback about my service.

Quinnton, Layton Spa

Hello, I'm Quinnton. I have a passion for nurturing the pure love in this world, one body at a time. My desire to facilitate healing in the bodies and souls of others has driven me to learn many different cultures' approaches to wellness, and I envision a world where all cultures contribute to an optimal state of health.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu.

Alyssa, Layton Spa

Hi, I'm Alyssa, I'm a Master Esthetician and have been working in my field for over 5 years. I love helping people improve their image, overcome problems and increase confidence. I can help you look younger and address problems like acne, scars and dark spots. I lived with some of these problems myself so I know how difficult they can be. It was through skin problems of my own that I gained a desire to learn everything I could and fix them. Now I've learned all the secrets to beautiful skin and I'm here to help others. I also love yoga, days off and steak.

Bailey, Layton Spa

Hi, my name is Bailey. My goal with massage is to deliver a quality experience individual to each client's personal needs. You are capable of incredible physical and emotional healing and it is my privilege to help you facilitate that. Some of my strengths are relaxing massage, soothing sore muscles, chakra cleansing, reflexology and Swedish massage. I am passionate about the work I do because I've seen and felt the benefits of it first hand. I can't wait to help you experience the same!

Sabrina, Layton Spa

Hi there, my name is Sabrina! I've been a Master Esthetician for three years and I can't wait for more to come! I love esthetics due to the positivity it brings. Reassuring clients that they are not alone in the skin world is one of my main goals. Bringing confidence and happiness to clients is another. I love giving all treatments but I would have to say that my favorites are waxing and facials. I try to make waxing quick and easy, while making facials last as long as possible and be deeply relaxing and calming. I am open book. Ask me anything! Overall, I am a positive, care-free, person who can't wait to help people the best way I can. Come see me so we can get started on your goals! :)

Amber, Layton Spa

Hello, I'm Amber! I am a licensed Master Esthetician. I graduated in September of 2017. I specialize in facials and microdermabrasion. I love creating a skin care plan with my clients, and tailoring each treatment to their specific needs. I love helping people feel comfortable and happy in their skin. In my free time, I enjoy music, sports, and hanging out with my kids. I also enjoy telling everyone I meet to wear sunscreen!

Mena, Layton Spa

I'm Mena! I am a licensed Master Esthetician who is driven by quality over quantity.  I take pride in providing clients with the best experience possible.  I have a passion in helping clients achieve amazing results and feeling beautiful and confident with their skin.  I specialize in European Facials and Microneedling. The results I see on peoples faces and bodies using newly developed products and technologies is truly astounding. There is so much available to us now that wasn't available a few years ago. I also love cooking, singing and practicing yoga.

Wendy, Layton Spa

Hi! I’m Wendy, a Licensed Massage Therapist with 10 years of experience. I am experienced in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Reflexology and Myofascial Release Massage, plus several more modalities. I specialize in relaxation and Myofascial release. To me, the body is an amazing system, and responds to massage with both a relaxation and a mechanical response. I absolutely love being able to help clients heal and achieve immediate and long term benefits through touch and technique.

Our Staff

Gloria, Layton Spa

Greetings, I'm Gloria!